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Vol.25, Vol.26 and Vol 27 (2014) Journal of Law, Policy and Globalization

Vol 27 (2014)

Table of Contents


A Critical Study of the Exercise of Jurisdiction of Customary Courts in the Nigeria Legal SystemPDF

Colonisation, Globalisation and the Nigerian Built EnvironmentPDF
AINA Omotayo Olugbenga7-11

Re – Examining the Theory of Savigny, the Theory of Acquired Rights and the Local Law Theory under Private International LawPDF

From Voluntary Principles to Binding Precedent: The African Union Convention for the Protection and Assistance of Internally Displaced Persons in Africa comes into ForcePDF
Ekpa Shedrack Esq19-23

Implementation Idea of Balancing Between Offenders and Victims of Crime on Policy Formulation of Sentencing System Penal Code of New Draft Concept of 2012PDF
Eko Soponyono24-28

Re-Examining the Compulsory Conflict Resolution Mechanisms Provided Under the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the SeaPDF
BABATUNDE Isaac Olutoyin29-40

Revisiting the Interaction of the Trilogy of Sources of International LawPDF
Timothy F. Yerima41-51

The Law of Contract Research as A Route to Sustainable Development in a Third World Country: The Case of NigeriaPDF

The Principle of Justice in the Sentencing of Corruption OffendersPDF
Sri Muryanto, Koesno Adi, Masruchin Ruba’i, Amiruddin .57-66

Transformation of the Value of the Local Wisdom Krik Slamat Sumbawa Regulation in the Formation of Regional Settlement of Conflict Management LarPDF
Lahmuddin Zuhri, Thohir Luth, Masruchin Ruba’i, Ismail Navianto67-74

Challenges Undermining Domestic Violence Victims’ Access to Justice in Mampong Municipality of GhanaPDF
Ernest Adu-Gyamfi75-90

A Comparison of Child Protection Law between Indonesia and MalaysiaPDF
Iman Jauhari91-101

Citizen Participation and Service Delivery at the Local Government Level: A Case of Ise/Orun Local Government In Ekiti State, NigeriaPDF
Toyin Abe, Oluwaleye Janet Monisola102-110

The Rising Profile of a Promoter in the Life of A Company: The Nigerian view pointPDF
AGBONIKA, John Musa Alewo111-115

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Vol 26 (2014)

Table of Contents


The Correlation between Social Violence and the Comments of Nigerian Politicians during Electioneering Campaigns: A Political Marketing StudyPDF
Ben Odigbo, Silk Ugwu Ogbu, Odigbo, Rose Adannia1-12

Recognition of Polygamous Marriages under the English LawPDF

The Concept of Security as a Panacea in the Hands of the Creditor – A Myth or Reality?PDF

Communal Conflict and the Resolution Efforts In Mataran CityPDF
Muhammad Natsir, SH., M. Hum27-37

The Legal Regime of Corporate Governance in Nigeria: A Critical Analysis.PDF
Leonard C. Opara, Ayodele John Alade38-43

The Natural Law Theory in Traditional African Jurisprudential ThoughtPDF
Mesembe Ita Edet, Samuel Temitope Segun44-57

Implications of Entry Juridical Law Number 4 of 2009 Concerning Mineral and Coal Mining on Contract for WorksPDF
Djumardin ., Mohammad Bakri, H.M. Galang Asmara, A. Rachamad Bodiono58-66

The State as an Instrument of primitive Accumulation: the Nigerian Example, 1999 – 2013PDF
Ugumanim Bassey Obo, Maurice Ayodele Coker, Jacob Iba Omenka67-73

Legal Certainty of the Transferring of Receivable In The Factoring Transaction in IndonesiaPDF
Aris Munandar, I. Nyoman Nurjaya, Bambang Winarno, Hirsanuddin .74-82

Sharing Revenue of Oil and Gas Industry between Center and Local Government from Legal PerspectivePDF
Asror Nawawi SH., MH, Sri Rahayu SH., MH., Permono SH., MH.83-87

The Israeli Experience “Part two”: Struggle for the national leadership between Herzl’s dream, Weizmann’s soft diplomacy, and al-Husseini’s recklessnessPDF () PDF
Khaled Abdelhay Elsayed88-98

Mate choice from Avicenna’s perspectivePDF
Masoud Raei, Maryam sadat fatemi Hassanabadi, Hossein Mansoori99-105

Implications of Global Financial Crisis on Textile Industry of PakistanPDF
Sumra Latif Mughal, Mehrunissa Chaudhary106-114

Leadership Effectiveness in Public Service Organizations of Ethiopia: Perceptions of Leaders in Public Service OrganizationsPDF
Zerihun Duressa, Tesfaye Debela115-129

Delay in the Administration of Criminal Justice in Nigeria: Issues from a Nigerian ViewpointPDF
AGBONIKA John, Alewo Musa130-138

Law Politics of North Borneo Province Act EstablishmentPDF
Vieta Imelda Cornelis, Sudarsono ., Jazim Hamidi139-147

A Philosophical Assessment of the Challenges of Sustainability of Nigeria’s Foreign Policy Image Between 1960-2013PDF
Ugwu, ude, Moko, Finian I.148-153

Sex Trafficking Victims and Offenders in the United StatesPDF

The Perspective of Nation Sovereignity as the basic Formation of new Regional Autonomy in Border and Outback Region in Indonesia. (Case study of new autonomy in Border and outback region Establishment in the Province of North Borneo)PDF
Vieta Imelda Cornelis, Sudarsono ., Jazim Hamidi178-184

Ankara Kampala: Property Rights as Revamps for the Adire Indigenous KnowledgePDF
Margaret Olugbemisola Areo, Adebowale Biodun Areo185-190

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Vol 25 (2014)

Table of Contents


The Nature, Types and Jurisdiction of Customary Courts in The Nigeria Legal SystemPDF

Doctrine Of “The Way Back (Jalan Kembali)”: Exploring ‘Wisdom Local Islamic Mysticism’ in Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan Province, IndonesiaPDF
Fadli Rahman8-17

Discriminatory Cultural Practices and Women’s Rights among the Igbos of South-East Nigeria : A CritiquePDF
Ifemeje Sylvia Chika, Umejiaku Nneka18-27

Malayan Economic Policy and Socio-Political Development 1948-1963: Domestic and Global Factors.PDF
Mohd. Noor Mat Yazid28-34

Police Role in Providing Legal Protection against Children as Victims of Sexual AbusePDF
Beridiansyah .35-41

Evaluation of Court’s Decision as Effort of Legal Protection for Victims of Domestic ViolencePDF
Suprayitno SH., MH., Drs. Abdan Khubban, SH., MH., Ahmad Nazori SE., MH.42-46

Pre-marital Medical Examination is a Panacea to the High Rate of Parental Mortality in the Society; A Reflection on its Implication towards Children Upbringing: An Islamic Jurisprudence PerspectivePDF
Magaji Chiroma, Laminu Bukar, Umar Suleiman Abbo- Jimeta47-61

The Bank of Alm (Zakat): Ideas, Structure, and the Implementation of the Integrated Alm ManagementPDF
Ahmad Dakhoir, Thohir Luth, Masruchin Ruba’i, Rachmad . Syafa’at62-71

The Supervision of Government on Implementation of Import of Processed Food Products in Effort of Legal Protection for ConsumersPDF
Muhammad Sood, Sudarsono ., Sihabudin ., Hirsanuddin .72-83

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Vol.25, Vol.26 and Vol 27 (2014) Journal of Law, Policy and Globalization

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