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Vol 6, No 8 (2014) Chemistry and Materials Research

Vol 6, No 8 (2014)

Table of Contents


An Examination of Selected Wood Properties of Some Economic Tropical Timber Species.PDF
Emmanuel Tete Okoh, Ebenezer Quayson, Isaac Agyei-Boakye1-5

Effect ofthe Distance between Points Load on the Behavior of Strengthened Reinforced Concrete BeamsPDF
AamerNajim Abbas, NuraJasim Muhammed, shaimaa Tariq Sakin6-15

Studies on Some Physical Properties of Dikanut SeedsPDF
Oladimeji Olusegun, Idowu-Adebayo Folake, Oladokun S. Olanrewaju16-19

Greywater Disinfection by SolarReactor in BaghdadPDF
Seroor Atallah Khaleefa Ali20-28

Some Biochemical and Hematological Parameters among Petroleum and Cement Factory workers in Sulaimaniyah City/ Kurdistan/ IraqPDF
Dler. M. Salh, Sirwan M. Mohammed, Loqman O. H. Salih29-32

Relative Examination of Monosaccharide and Disaccharide Adopting Polarimeter and UV-Visible Spectrophotometer Instruments.PDF
Sylvia Okonkwo, L.C. Anyika33-40

Using Ultrasonic Wave to Study Modulus of Elasticity, Shear Modulus and Poissons’s Ratio of Polymer Concrete.PDF
Meethaq M. Abed41-45

Utilizations of Palm Oil Mills Wastes as Source of Energy and Water in the Production Process of Crude Palm OilPDF
Ridzky Kramanandita, Tajuddin Bantacut, Muhammad Romli, Mustofa Makmoen46-53

Synthesis & Study of Anesthesia Organic CompoundsPDF
Nagham . Mahmood. Aljamali54-59

Quantum Mechanical Study the Kinetics, Mechanisms and Thermodynamics of the Gas-Phase Pyrolysis of Isopropyl BromidePDF

Synthesis,Characterization,Thermal and Kinetic Photo Chemical Decomposition Study of New Azo Dye 7-[2-(BenzImidazolyl)Azo]-8-Hydroxy Quinoline and its Znic (II) ComplexPDF
Hassan. A. Habeeb, Khalid .J. Al-Adilee, Suadad .A. Jaber69-80

Mechanism Bond Formation of Powder Multi Material Sintering: Polyethylene – Poly Vynil ChloridePDF
Slamet Riyadi, Wahyu Nugroho, Siswadi .81-85

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Vol 6, No 8 (2014) Chemistry and Materials Research

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