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Vol 4, No.18 and No.19 (2014) Journal of Natural Sciences Research


Vol 4, No 18 (2014)

Table of Contents


Status and the Diversity of Macrobenthos of Udu – Ghievwen Wetlands in the Niger Delta, NigeriaPDF
John Ovie Olomukoro, Abdul-Rahman Dirisu1-6

The Effects of Flame Retardants on Combustion of Some Tropical WoodsPDF
Deshi, J.J, Jauro, A, Dass, P M, Manu, J. M7-15

Haematological and Biochemical Assessment of Composite Wood Extracts in Albino Rat (Male Wistar Strain)PDF
Ashade, Olufemi Olukayode, Igbokwe, Loveth16-20

Adaptation Study of Improved Kabuli Chickpea (Cicer Arietinum L) Varieties at Kellem Wollega Zone, Haro Sabu, EthiopiaPDF
Biru Alemu21-24

Possible Index for Marine Pollution from of Scleractinean Corals in Northern Gulf of Aqaba, JordanPDF
S. A. Barakat, S. Al- Rousan, M. S. Al-Trabeen25-35

Ecological Survey of Earwigs (Hemimerus talpoides) as Ectoparasites of Wild African Giant Rat (Cricetomys gambianus) in Awka, NigeriaPDF
Mogbo T. C., Akunne C. E.36-39

Review of Water Harvesting Technologies for Food Security in Ethiopia: Challenges and Opportunities for the Research SystemPDF
Fitsume Yemenu40-49

Microbial screening of fermented (yoghurt) milk samples sold in Makurdi metropolis and consumed in Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi, Benue State, NigeriaPDF
H.C.C., Maduka, A.N., Okpogba, C.E., Ugwu, P.N., Ogueche, C.C., Dike, A.A., Maduka, C.U., Aguoru, C.O., Okonkwo, M.A., Gadaka, I.F., Agada50-54

Changes in the Leucocyte and Serum Biochemistry in Clarias gariepinus (Burchel) Exposed to Sublethal Lead ChoridePDF
Oluah, Ndubuisi Stanley, Ulasi, A.M Omerebele, Nwani, Christopher Didigwu55-61

Current status and Future Prospect of Olea europaea and Juniperu procera on Desa’a Afro Alpine forest, North EthiopiaPDF
Gebreslassie Teklay62-65

Experimental Trials of the use of Pineapple juice in disticking Clarias gariepinus egg in indoor hatchery at Niger Delta Area. NigeriaPDF
Nwachi, Oster Francis, Igill-Iboi Monday66-69

Review of Challenges and Prospects of Agricultural Production and Productivity in EthiopiaPDF
Urgessa Tilahun Bekabil70-77

Antibacterial Potentials of Three Common Spices against Selected PathogensPDF
Temitope O. Lawal, Benjamin U. Ogudo, Temitope O. Oyedemi, Tajudeen A. Bamidele, Bolanle A. Adeniyi78-84

The Impact of Population Growth on Forestry Development in East Wollega Zone: The Case of Haro Limu DistrictPDF
Fayera Debel85-91

Invitro Antimicrobial Activity of Plumbago Zylanica L.PDF
Yohannes Weldemariam Getahun92-99

Guidelines on Dosage Calculation and Stock Solution Preparation in Experimental Animals’ StudiesPDF
Erhirhie Earnest Oghenesuvwe100-106

Determination of Major Ion Concentration and Ionic Strength of Saline Water: A Case Study of Lakes; Nakuru, Bogoria-Kenya and Nata Saltpan Sanctuary –BotswanaPDF
Samuel Omboga, Barnabas K. Kurgat, Emily C. Cheshari, Moses K. Rotich, Ward J. Mavura107-112

Environmental Effects of Urban Cattle Keeping in Nakuru Municipality, KenyaPDF
Michael K. Cheruiyot, Barnabas K. Kurgat, Wilkister N. Moturi, Isaac S. Kosgey113-119

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Vol 4, No 19 (2014)

Table of Contents


Review: Beneficial Health Effects of Olive Leaves ExtractsPDF
Omar M. M. Sabry1-9

Effect of Deep Tissue Massage on Alleviating Pain among Breast & Lung Cancer Patients at a Selected University Hospital-EgyptPDF
Dalia Salah El-Deen El-Sedawy, Safaa M. Abdel Motaleb I. Hassanein10-18

Factors that Affects the Agriculture Extension Officers’ Skills on Cyber Extension-Based Agriculture ExtensionPDF
Yuniar Hajar Prasekti, Sugiyanto, Nuhfil Hanani, Yayuk Yuliati19-25

Effects of Different Atorvastatin Doses on Immunohistochemical Markers in the Hippocampus of Male Adult RatsPDF
Alaa Al-hindawi, Mustafa Al-Abbassi, Mustafa Ibrahim26-32

Critical Factors Influencing the Entrepreneurial Undergraduate’S Decision Venturing into Agribusiness in Ebonyi State, (A Case Study of Ebonyi State Universty)PDF
Igboji chidi, Okonkwo Thaddeus Okechukwu33-38

Histological Study of Aqueous Extracts Leek Allium porrum L. in Female Reproductive System of Laboratory White RatsPDF
Shorooq W . Al-Shaibani, Wafaa H. AL-hashimhi, Hawraa S. Bshibash39-48

Characterization and Beneficiation of the Glass Making Potentials of Silica Sand Deposit from River Benue North Central NigeriaPDF
C.A. Edem, S.P. Malu, B.I. Ita49-58

Subclinical Hypothyroidism and Accidental HemorrhagePDF
Batool Abdulwahid Hashim59-66

Stress Reducing Substance of Ageratum conyzoides and Its Application to Koi Carp (Cyprinus carpio) TransportationPDF
Laksmi Sulmartiwi, Win Darmanto, Mochammad Amin Alamsjah67-85

The Correlation between Bulimia Nervosa and Depression in Period of AdolescencePDF
Stankovska Gordana, Osmani Fadbi, Pandilovska Grncarovska Svetlana, Dimitrovski Dimitar86-90

The Effect of Fragmentation and Land Use Types on Bannerman’s Weaver Ploceus bannermani (A Globally-Threatened Bird Species) on the Obudu Plateau, Southeast NigeriaPDF
Dami, Filibus Danjuma, Georgina Samuel Mwansat, Shiiwua, A. Manu91-97

Evaluation of Antimicrobial Activities of Albizia zygia DC Leaf Extracts against Some Clinically Important PathogensPDF
Oluyemi Odeyemi, Anthonia Olufunke Oluduro, Oluwole Moses David98-105

The Antibacterial Activity of Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) with and without of Some Ligand Complexes of the Transitional Metal Ions of Ethyl Coumarin against Bacteria Isolate from Burn and Wound InfectionPDF
Ashraf S. Hassan106-111

The Cytotoxic Effect of 2-Deoxy-D-Glucose Combination with 5-Fluorourasil and NO-Aspirin on Mammary Adenocacinoma Cell LinePDF
Zainab G. Al-Jassim, Mustafa G. Al-Abbassi, Nahi Y. Yaseen112-119

Prevalence of Gastrointestinal Helminth Parasites of the Domestic fowl (Gallus-gallus domesticus) slaughtered in Giwa Market, Giwa Local Government, Area, Kaduna State, NigeriaPDF
Junaidu, H.I., Luka, S.A., Mijinyawa, A.120-125

Bacteriological Quality Assessment of swimming pools in the Osu-Labadi Area, AccraPDF
George Osei-Adjei, Simon Kwabena Sarpong, Emmanuel Laryea, Emmanuel Tagoe126-129

Spatial Pattern Analysis of Tarenna Rwandensis (Rubiaceae), an Endemic Tree Species of Nyungwe National Park (Rwanda)PDF
Fabien Rizinjirabake, Bonaventure Ntirugulirwa, Honore Hubert Uwizeye130-137

Isolation and Characterization of Baphianoside from the leaves of Baphia nitida.PDF
Bright Chinenyeze Onyekwere, JohnBull Onyekachi Echeme, Rosemary Izunwanne Uchegbu138-143

Culture of Chironomid larvae using two different feedsPDF
Sule Hussein Aliu, Sule Fatima Hussein, Abuh Simon Jekeli, Umar Sabdat Unoyiza, Ibrahim Aliyu Aminu, Omale Moses Ojochogwu144-153

Detection P53, Rb1 and H-ras Loss of Heterozygosity LOH in Patients with Urinary Bladder carcinomaPDF
Hasanain K. Ibrahim, Abdullah K. Hindi, Mohammed S. Abdul-Razzaq154-159

On The Models of Colour Vision.PDF
Stephen D. Songden, Emeka E. Ike160-171

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ISSN (Paper)2224-3186 ISSN (Online)2225-0921

Vol 4, No.18 and No.19 (2014) Journal of Natural Sciences Research

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