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Vol 4, No.20, No.11, No.22 (2014) Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare

Vol 4, No 22 (2014)

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Production of Animal Feed Concentrates From Sour Sop and Pineapple Peels Using Solid State FermentationPDF
Egwim, Evans C1-5

Correlation between Leptin Encoding Gene and Some Haematological and Biochemical Parameters in Awassi SheepPDF
Adil Hussein Radhi, Hafedh Mossa Ali Al-Tayy, Mohammed Baqur S. Al-Shuhaib, Allawi Luaibi Dagher Al-Khauzai6-11

Effect of Aflatoxin B-1 on Course of Infection of Trypanosoma congolense in MicePDF
Mukabane, D. K, Shivairo, R. S, Mdachi, E. R, Orenge, C. O., Muleke, I.C12-22

Effect of forced migration on electrolyte profile of refugeesPDF
Adebayo, Kayode Julius23-27

Assessment of Risk Predisposition to Human Papilloma Virus through Cervical Infections Screening of Women Attending an Outpatient Health Facility in Nairobi, KenyaPDF
Agnes Omire, Nancy Budambula, Washingtone Ochieng, Caroline Baliach, Danvas Kerosi, Hillary Langat, Minda Okemwa, Leah Kirumbi, Rashid Aman, Bernhardts Ogutu, Raphael Lwembe28-36

Egg- qualities ,Organs- weight and Carcass-attributes of laying hens (Gallus domesticus brizzen ) fed Gliricidia sepium leaf meal levels supplemented with MaxigrainPDF
Ademola Ogungbesan, Olubunmi Fasina, Gabriel Adeleke, Adetoyin Alabi37-45

Enzymes Effects On Carcass- Attributes, Organ- Characteristics, Meat- Qualities And Sensory -Evaluation In Broiler (Gallus Domesticus Brizzen ) Fed Gliricidia Sepium (Jacq) Leaf MealPDF
Ademola Ogungbesan, Olusanya Taiwo, Ajao kehinde, Adetoyin Alabi46-53

Prevalence and Variation of Refractive Anomalies among Patients in the Bingham University Teaching (ECWA Evangel) Hospital, Jos, Nigeria.PDF
Felix B. Masok, Stephen D. Songden, Emeka E. Ike54-57

The effect of Rainfall, Temperature and Humidity on Saline in the Southern area of BangladeshPDF

Channels of Distribution of Agricultural Produce in NigeriaPDF
Yagana Babakura Imam, Bintu Mustapha Chibok, Yakaka Gamama62-66

Differential Effects of Two Modes of Exercise on Anthropometric Characteristics of Persons with Type-2 DiabetesPDF
Joshua Emeka Umeifekwem, Chukwugozie N. Okwuosa67-74

Effects of Ethanolic Extract of Brassica juncea (Mustard Seed) on the Brain and Kidney Tissues of Albino Wistar RatsPDF
Imeobong Joseph Inyang, Aniekan-Augusta Okon Eyo, Tomilola Margaret Olajide, Abel Essien75-82

Effect Of Air Pollution On Concentrations Of Lead, Cadmium And Chromium In Ready To Eat Foods In Some Major Towns Of South-Western NigeriaPDF
Oladimeji Olusegun, Idowu Micheal A, Idowu-Adebayo Folake83-87

Buffer Zone Communities, Fishing Practices, and Biodiversity Conservation in Cross River National Park, Nigeria.PDF
Oliver O. O. Enuoh88-98

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Vol 4, No 21 (2014)

Table of Contents


Exploring New Grounds in HIV/AIDS Prevention in Kenya: The Role of Public Universities in the Attainment of Vision 2030PDF
J. A. Erima, Wosyanju, M.G.1-7

Alkaline Phosphatase (ALP) Activity in Selected Tissues & Organs of Clarias gariepinus Exposed to Different Levels of ParaquatPDF
Chimela Wala, Abdulraheem Bawa-Allah, Azubuike Adams8-10

Evaluating Changes in Fertility Status of an Alfisol and Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) Performance under Different Weed Species in a Cassava Field in Southwestern NigeriaPDF
B. Osundare11-16

Concerns Regarding Organ Donation among Adult Patients with Different Health Problems in EgyptPDF
Naglaa Fawzy Hanafy Taha, Hanan Ahmed El Sebaee17-29

Influence of Seed Treatments on Germination and Seedling Growth of Soursop Annona MuricataPDF
Joseph-Adekunle T.T.30-35

Soil Transmitted Helminthes Prevalence among Pre-School Age Children in Elburgon Municipality, KenyaPDF
Mokua D. O, Shivairo R. S., Muleke C, Mukabane, D.K., Oswe M. O, Kumba, J.K.36-41

Prevalence of Work Related Stress among Health Practitioners at Chinhoyi Provincial HospitalPDF
Shupikai Zebron, Godfrey Mutara42-50

Application of Gibberellic Acid (Ga3) in Stem Cutting of Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus Polyrhizus): Effects on Fruit Quality and Yield at Harvest.PDF
Nor Shariah S, Razifah MR, Mamat As, Adzemi MA51-55

Relationship of Burden with Characteristic Sociodemographic Caregiver in Schizophrenic patientsPDF
Duma Melva Ratnawati, M Surya Husada, Bahagia Loebis56-59

Purple Sweet Potato Aqueous Extract Lowers Blood Pressure and Prevents Oxidative Stress in Hypertensive Elderly Patients at Nyuhkuning Village, Mas, Ubud, BaliPDF
I Made Jawi, I Gusti Ayu Artini, Agung Nova Mahendra, Dewa Ngurah Suprapta60-64

The Role of Sarang Semut (Myrmecodia pendans) Flavonoid’s Fraction in Proliferation and Angiogenesis Inhibition of Human Tongue Squamous Cell CarcinomaPDF
Harun Achmad, M. Hendra Chandha, Sri Ramadhany, Hendrastuti Handayani, Rasmidar Samad65-69

A comprehensive study on Agaricus-like mushroom from Mwalimu JK Nyerere Mlimani Campus, TanzaniaPDF
Donatha Damian Tibuhwa, Zuhura Ndoika Mwanga70-78

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Vol 4, No 20 (2014)

Table of Contents


Genetic Variation and Heritability Estimates of Quality Traits in Brassica napus L.PDF
Sadia Shaukat1-4

Effect of Different Irrigation Schedules on The Growth and Yield Performance of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Varieties Assessment in District Awaran (Balochistan)PDF
Sana Ullah Baloch5-17

Performance Assessment of Artisanal Fisheries in the Kainji Dam Area of Yauri Emirate, Kebbi State NigeriaPDF
Umar, S., A.I. Illo18-22

Comparative Study on Germination and Seedling Growth in Walnut GenotypesPDF
Javed Rahman23-24

The Effect of Planting / Harvesting Periods and Seasons on the Dynamics and Damage by Sweet Potato Weevils in the S.W Region of CameroonPDF
M. C. Parr, N. N. Ntonifor, L. Jackai25-33

Comparative Analysis of Broilers’ Rearing in Different Housings Systems in Wet Humid Climate, South West NigeriaPDF
Wasiu Agunbiade LAMIDI34-40

Bacteria and Fungi Associated with Acute Otitis MediaPDF
Ishraq A.A.S. Almamory, Sabreen A. A. Kamal41-45

Efficacy of Reduced Dose of Fungicide Sprays in the Management of Late Blight (Phytophthora infestans) Disease on Selected Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) Varieties Haramaya, Eastern EthiopiaPDF
Binyam Tsedaley46-52

Factors Affecting Academic Performance among Federal University of Agriculture Students’ in Ogun State NigeriaPDF
Abiona, B. G., Fakoya, E.O., Adeogun, S.O.53-62

Determinants and Impacts of Modern Agricultural Technology Adoption in West Wollega: The Case of Gulliso DistrictPDF
Merga Challa, Urgessa Tilahun63-77

Economic Analysis of Sickness and Labour Productivity among Cocoa Farmers in Obafemi/Owode Local Government Area, Ogun StatePDF
O.A. Egbetokun, Omonona, B.T., K. A. Oluyole78-84

The Effect of Rehabilitation on Nutritional Status of Alcohol Dependent Males in Nairobi, KenyaPDF
E. Langat, S. Wafula, G. Ettyang, J. Rotich, J. chelimo85-101

Heritability Estimates in Intra and Inter-Specific F2 Populations of BrassicaPDF
Fahim Ullah Khan102-107

Genetic Variation of Flowering Trait in Maize (Zea mays L.) under Drought Stress at Vegetative and Reproductive StagesPDF
Salih A. I. Sabiel, Awadalla A. Abdelmula, Elfadil M. A. Bashir, Sana Ullah Baloch, Shahbaz Khan Baloch, Waseem Bashir108-113

Effect of Pollution and Ethylene-diurea on bean plants grown in KSAPDF
Abdel Rahman A. Alzandi114-124

Nutrient Status and Ameliorating Effects of MORINGA Leaves or Poultry Droppings on Soil Ph and Garden Egg YieldPDF
S. A. Ayuba, M. A. Kekong, U. L. Undie, N. B. Ibrahim125-132

Bovan White Chicken Growth Performance and Environmental Adaptability under Backyard Production System in Debre Tabor TownPDF
Gashaw Alamirew133-135

Comparison of Supplementing Urea-Molasses Block and Urea-Atela Blocks on Body Weight Change and Carcass Characteristics of Male Blackhead Ogaden Sheep Fed Natural Pasture HayPDF
Guesh Fesaha136-141

Effect of Combined Millet and Cabbage Balanced Diet on Thyroid Function in Albino RatsPDF
J.B. Goldie, S.E. Atawodi, H.S. Isah, E.P. Berezi142-147

Indoor Airborne Bacterial Concentration of a Private-Owned Hospital Laboratory in Samaru-ZariaPDF
Shiaka, G. Peter, Yakubu, S. E.148-153

Potential for Transmission of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Other Bacterial and Parasitic Infectious Agents by Drosophila sp. (Fruit Flies) as Mechanical VectorsPDF
Wekondi David Munyikombo154-169

Problems and Prospects of Small- Scale Palm oil Processing in Delta- State, NigeriaPDF
Patience Gunn170-174

Negative Impact of Climate Changes and Its Coping and Adaptation Strategies in the Lowland Areas of Ethiopia; A Systematic Review (July, 2014)PDF
Teame G Hiwot, Berhu Haftu175-179

Performance of Improved Agricultural Technology Information among Small Scale Alcohol Consuming Farmers in Madagali, Adamawa State, NigeriaPDF
D.D. Jilayu, T.K. Tilson, N. Duniya, A.I. Medugu180-184

A Comparative Study of the Commercially Available Fungicides to Control Sheath Blight of Rice in LahorePDF

Effective Extension Information Dissemination Methods Used in Disseminating Organic Agricultural Practices as Mitigating Strategy for Climate Change in Kogi State – NigeriaPDF
C.M. Ekenta, A.F. Ayanlere, K.O. Afolabi, C.O. Adebayo, E. F. Owolagba189-195

Botanical Survey of Poisonous Plants within the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, NigeriaPDF
Adeniran Lateef Ariyo, Ajagbonna Olatunde Peter, Kilani Muyideen, Lawal Iya Ramota196-214

Survey of Bovine Tuberculosis in Guduru Cattle Breeding and Research Center, Western EthiopiaPDF
Mezene Woyessa Bussa215-219

Adaptation Study of Improved Linseed (Linum Usitatisimum L) Varieties at Kellem Wollega Zone, Haro Sabu, EthiopiaPDF
Biru Alemu220-224

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Vol 4, No.20, No.11, No.22 (2014) Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare

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