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Vol 4, No 4 (2014) Journal of Mathematical Theory and Modeling

Vol 4, No 4 (2014)

Table of Contents


Rice Production Forecasting in Bangladesh: An Application Of Box-Jenkins ARIMA ModelPDF
Mohammed Amir Hamjah1-11

Measuring Climatic and Hydrological Effects on Cereal crop Production in Bangladesh using Multiple Regression and Measuring Efficiency using Stochastic Frontier ModelPDF
Mohammed Amir Hamjah12-32

A New (Proposed) Formula for Interpolation and Comparison with Existing Formula of InterpolationPDF
Faruq Abdulla, Md. Moyazem Hossain, Md. Mahabubur Rahman33-48

A Simple Proof of the Generalization of the Binomial Theorem Using Differential CalculusPDF
Olusegun Ayodele ADELODUN49-50

Analysis of Head Loss in Pipe System Components: Quasi-one-Dimensional Nozzle FlowPDF
Charles Ndambuki Muli51-64

Ranking Function Methods For Solving Fuzzy Linear Programming ProblemsPDF
Iden Hassan AIkanani, Farrah Alaa Adnan65-72

Application of Markov Chain Model in Studying progression Of Secondary School Students by Sex During The Free Secondary Education: A Case Study of Kisii Central DistrictPDF
Mose Job Nyandwaki, Odhiambo E Akelo, Ojunga O Samson, Onyango Fredrick73-84

On The Comparative Analysis Of Beta And Kumaraswamy Priors Using Stigmatized AttributesPDF
Tijani, I. A., Adewara A. A.85-94

On Best One-Sided Approximation By Interpolation Polynomials In Space Lp.w(X)PDF
S.K. Jassim, Alaa.A. Auad95-106

Stability Analysis of Infectious Diseases with Media Coverage and PovertyPDF
Rajinder Sharma107-113

Studying the Scientific State Of Students Using the Adjusted ResidualsPDF

Arterial Pulse Waveform under the watch of Left Ventricular Ejection time: A physiological outlookPDF
Nzerem Francis Egenti, Ugorji Hycinth Chimezie123-132

Some Chaotic Properties of Ikeda MapPDF
Iftichar M.T. AL-Shara’a, Wafaa H. Al-Hilli133-142

Semi Compatibility and Fixed Points For Expansion Mappings In 2-Metric SpacePDF
Shweta Maheshwari143-150

An Application Of Extreme Value Theory In Modelling Electricity Production In KenyaPDF
Apudo, B. O., Mwita, P. N., Mbugua, L. N., Machuke, G.W., Kiche, J.151-162

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Vol 4, No 4 (2014) Journal of Mathematical Theory and Modeling

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