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Vol 4, No 5 (2014) Journal of Natural Sciences Research

Vol 4, No 5 (2014)

Table of Contents


Edible Insects of the Niger Delta Area in Nigeria.PDF
Oghale Okore, Diane Avaoja, Ifediora Nwana1-9

Zoonotic Diseases of Poultry: A Threat to Profitable Poultry Production. A ReviewPDF
A.C. Elenwo, E. J. Okafor-Elenwo10-12

Typing of Salmonella Species: A Mini-ReviewPDF
Abatcha, M. G., Zakaria, Z., Dauda, M.G, Dhaliwal, K. G.13-17

A Research Review on Tomato Bushy Stunt Virus Disease ComplexPDF
Hafiz Husnain Nawaz, Muhammad Umer, Sadia Bano, Anam Usmani, Memoona Naseer18-23

Effects of sitagliptin and sitagliptin in combination with omega-3 on newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic Iraqi patientsPDF
Deleen Abd-AL Wahab AL-Shukri, Mustafa Gazi AL-Abbassi24-32

Perception and Treatment Practices of malaria among tertiary institution students in Oyo and Osun States, NigeriaPDF
Ojurongbe Taiwo Adetola, Ishola Ikeoluwa Aishat, Ojurongbe Olusola33-42

Analysis of Growth Rate, Marketing Efficiency and Seasonal Price Variation of Potato in selected Areas of BangladeshPDF
Md. Imran Omar, Mohammad Shamsul Hoq43-54

Effect of Non-Hormonal Treatment Options On Reducing Vasomotor Symptoms Among Menopausal WomenPDF
Tawheda El-saidy, Tahany Amr55-67

Efficacy of Entomopathogenic Fungi as Biological Control agent against insect pests of Gossypium hirsutum.PDF
Hafiz husnain, Ahmad ali shahid, Muhammed irfan ul haq, Anwar ali, Umer muhammed, Usmani anam68-72

Insecticide Screening For Effectiveness of Controlling Onion Thrips (Thrips Tabaci, Lindemann)PDF
Hafiz Husnain nawaz, Umer Javed, Balal Yousaf, Usmani Anam, Aisha Javed, Muhammed Umer73-76

Detection of ERG11-2 gene in candida spp. wich resistant to some antifungal agents by Real Time –PCRPDF
Neeran Obied AL-ameri, Ali Hmood AL-Sa’adi, Rajaa Ali Habeeb77-84

Congenital Malaria Among Inborn And Out Born Babies At A Tertiary Care Hospital In Port Harcourt, Rivers State, South-South Nigeria.PDF
Racheal Ununuma .F. Akpiri, Agi Peter .I85-88

Effect of adding different levels of Lycopene to the ration on some lipid profile traits of the Laying hens ISA-Brown*PDF
Nihad Abdul-Lateef Ali, Arkan Baraa Mohammed, Ahmed Abed Allow89-96

Optical properties of vanadyl phthalocyanine thin films and nonlinear refractive index of vanadyl phthalocyanine doped PMMA by using thermal lens spectrometry techniquePDF
Qusay Mohammed Ali Hassan97-108

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Vol 4, No 5 (2014) Journal of Natural Sciences Research

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