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Vol 24 (2014) Journal of Law, Policy and Globalization

Vol 24 (2014)

Table of Contents


Domicile – A Critical Analysis Of The Position In Cheshire, North & Fawcett Private International LawPDF

Constructing Penal Mediation on Medical Malpractice Cases: A Restorative Justice PerspectivePDF
S. Tri Herlianto, S.9-14

Legitimacy of War on Iraq in International LawPDF
Roaa Al momani15-19

Natural Contaminants in the International Space TreatiesPDF
Wijdan Raham Khudhair Alfazea20-23

Police Corruption: Influenced Factors and Suggested Control in Indonesian Police DepartmentPDF
Sigit Somadiyono24-31

Penal Individualization Principles of Specific-Minimum Criminal System within Corrupt Criminal Offense In IndonesiaPDF
Lalu Parman, Koesno Adi, Rodliyah ., Pria Djatmika32-39

The Rules of Procedure and Evidence in front of International Criminal Courts: a system sui generisPDF
Abdelsalam A. Hammash, Ahmad M. AL Louzi40-53

Civil Society And Democracy In Asia : The Struggle Of Non-State Organizations In Expanding Democratic SpacePDF
M. Khusna Amal54-60

Challenges to Regional Development Block in Southern Africa: The Case of Southern African Development Coordination ConferencePDF
Gosa Setu Tafese61-70

Obama Healthcare Reform Plan for Americans: Challenges and ConstraintsPDF
Mahmoud Kamal Abouraia, Benjamin Balbuena Aguenza71-79

Prevention Religion Offenses (Delic) In Policy Formulation For National Criminal Justice ReformPDF
Jubair ., Agus Sudaryanto, M. Hatta Roma Tampubolon, Lukman Hakim80-94

Understanding Strengthening Administration of Justice through Experiences of Child Sexual Abuse Victims in TanzaniaPDF
Theodora A.L. Bali95-104

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Vol 24 (2014) Journal of Law, Policy and Globalization

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