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Vol 4, No 5 (2014) Mathematical Theory and Modeling

Vol 4, No 5 (2014)

Table of Contents


A Novel Numerical Approach for Odd Higher Order Boundary Value ProblemsPDF
Md. Bellal Hossain, Md. Shafiqul Islam1-11

Computational Numerical Solution for Traveling Salesman ProblemPDF
Iyanda, D. G., Ogundele, L. A., Ojo, O.S, Olatunji, O12-23

On Contra SS-Continuous FunctionsPDF
Alias B. Khalaf, Abdulrahman H. Majeed, Jamil M. Jamil24-30

Cross-Diffusion Effect on Mixed Convective Fluid Flow through Horizontal AnnulusPDF
Charles N. Muli, Jackson K. Kwanza31-49

E-Optimal Designs For Maximal Parameter Subsystem Second-Degree Kronecker Model Mixture ExperimentsPDF
Koech Eliud, Koech Milton, Koske Joseph, Kerich Gregory, Argwings Otieno50-67

Enhancing Students’ Critical Thinking Ability in Mathematics by Through IMPROVE MethodPDF
Bambang Sri Anggoro, Yaya S. Kusumah, Darhim ., Jarnawi D. Afgani68-77

Optimization of Entrepreneurship by the Application of Linear Programming TechniquePDF
Nwankwo Steve .C78-83

Posterior F-Value In Bayesian Analysis Of Variance Using WinbugsPDF
Milton K. Koech, Arwings R. Otieno, Victor Kimeli, Eliud K. Koech84-91

Modeling of Vapor Liquid Equilibrium Data for Thyme Essential Oil Based on UNIQUAC Thermodynamic ModelPDF
Varasteh Nobari A., Tahmasebi H.A., Aghili S.92-100

Application of Fuzzy-Parametric Linear Programming ProblemPDF
Iden Hassan, Nabeel H. Saeed101-107

Modeling e-learning implementation level for Primary Schools in Nairobi County through Stratified Random SamplingPDF
Benard Kipyegon Bett, Romanus O. Odhiambo, George O. Orwa108-122

On comparison of Aunu permutation pattern and generalized permutation patterns using Wilf-equivalencePDF
S. Abba, A.A. Ibrahim123-130

On Solution of Fractional Differential Equations Using Osler Definition in Hilbert SpacePDF
Saad N. Al-Azawi, Radhi I.M. Ali, Muna Ismail Ilyas131-136

Numerical Solution of Linear Volterra-Fredholm Integral Equations Using Lagrange PolynomialsPDF
Muna M. Mustafa, Iman N. Ghanim137-146

Solving Continuous and Weakly Singular Linear Volterra Integral Equations of the second kind by Laplace Transform MethodPDF
Fenuga O.J., Aloko M.D, Okunuga S. A147-151

Approximation of Entire Function of Slow Growth in Several Complex VariablesPDF
Mushtaq Shakir A. Hussein, Aiman Abdali Jaffar152-162

MHD Thermal Stagnation Point Flow towards a Stretching Porous SurfacePDF
Emmanuel Maurice Arthur, Yakubu Ibrahim Seini163-169

Approximation Method for the Heat Equation with Derivative Boundary ConditionsPDF
Iman. I. Gorial163-176

Comparison Of Canonical Correlation Analysis And The Generalized Canonical Correlation Analysis Using The Lognormal And Cauchy Distributed DataPDF

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Vol 4, No 5 (2014) Mathematical Theory and Modeling

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